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June 16th 2017 Record List

Howdy All, Once again, welcome to the largeness that follows. With the second drop of Winter 2017 we present a fat packet of music sourced from the four corners. Here, we are mining the high water mark of 2 overseas digging trips & a huge European order of incredible new records. This selection represents the […]

Published on: 16 June 2017
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June 2nd 2017 Record List

Hi Folks, Welcome to our latest list, kicking off winter of 2017 with another magical journey to record land.. or putting it simply, a great big list of really good records. This drop has some pretty serious OG stuff & a huge lot of new release & restocks as well. Around 400 LPs in the originals section & around 200 […]

Published on: 2 June 2017
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May 19th 2017 Record Drop

PLUGGING QUALITY ALL THE WAY.. HI All, Nice to have you all back for this fortnights drop. It consists of about 500 original USA & Japan issue LPs & around 200 new LP & 7″ releases.. Clean original US & Japanese pressings, nice stuff…. As you can see in old stuff part of the list […]

Published on: 19 May 2017
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May 5th 2017 Record Drop

MORE BIGGER THAN BEFORE AY! Howdy folks, Welcome to the latest newsletter & all the largesse it contains. We have been hitting the boxes hard in the lead up to & post the whole RSD shemozzle.. Around 1500 LPs went out on the last drop & this current one looks like about another 6-700.. so […]

Published on: 4 May 2017
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January 13th 2017 Record Drop

Plug tuning in for 2017. Hi Folks, Welcome and glad to have you with us again for this new year. Its the first drop of 2017 and though its been nice to have a break & hit the beaches hard, its also pretty sweet to get into the motherlode of records sitting at the warehouse […]

Published on: 13 January 2017
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December 16th 2016 Xmas Record Drop

Merry Xmas Ya’ll! x Howdy, Sneaky one here, had to do it.. Was a crazy rush to get it done & not more than 2/3 of whats going in the shop today today is actually on this list.. But it still paints a picture. As some of you who follow us on the instaweb have […]

Published on: 16 December 2016
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December 9th 2016 Record Drop

This one is big & beautiful. Hi Folks, welcome again to the list.. hope your ready for a read. The one is massive, and so it should be bringing this crazy year to a close.. Its been a ride for us & we thank you all for your interest & support. happy holidays 2 u […]

Published on: 9 December 2016
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November 25th 2016 Record Drop

Novembers in 3rd gear with this list. Hi Folks, welcome to the latest big one from Plug 7. 1st though, we gotta say like a lot of you out there we are all feeling the loss of yet another musical hero this year with the passing of Sharon Jones. She was & is a soulful […]

Published on: 25 November 2016
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November 11th 2016 Record Drop

Plug is back on the right track. Finally getting a bit of traction on the record pile.. this list is big. Theres also a lot of really good stuff, so after a while of trying to choose stuff for my staff picks, I had to stop, it just would have looked silly. Theres a crazy […]

Published on: 11 November 2016
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October 28th 2016 record Drop

Swinging low from a sweet chariot South Carolina is fast fading into the distance, memories of collard greens & baptist churches, jesus saves signs littering the highways.. Back in Fitzroy & getting used to the familiar sights & sounds, coming at you with another drop of music from all corners. Its a sneaky list this […]

Published on: 28 October 2016
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