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Records Dropped Dec 6th 2015.. A biggy.

hiya & welcome to the last big list for 2015 Back into it finally & we hope you are enjoying yourselves, getting in the mood for Xmas & beyond. Best wishes from P7 out to you all. This Record list is again a big 1 & u know.. doesn’t even have every record on it […]

Published on: 6 December 2015
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Plug Sevens Take it Awf 1st year B’Day Party.!

PLUG SEVENs ‘TAKE IT AWF’ 1st YEAR THING. If you all don’t know De La Soul’s 3ft High & Rising, then it stands to reason you don’t get the Take it Awf reference..(in a long island accent).. but whatever! Just come to the shop when u wake up on the 15th November, next sunday.. as […]

Published on: 5 November 2015
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Big Drop 6th October 2015

Its a big 1 again. Gonna need to be a bit more on it with this newsletter. Just in the sense that we usually send a list & let you fend for yourselves, but there’s heaps on this one & a lot of it is big enough that its probably best to do even just […]

Published on: 6 October 2015
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Record Drop 15th September 2015

The Third Record list & a SALE to go with it.. Howdy All & welcome to our third record list.. Its a biggun again so if you have time, check it all out, or if not just jump to the section that floats your boat. We are still putting out heaps of many many records […]

Published on: 15 September 2015
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The Drop 24th August 2015

The 2nd Plug 7 Record List Wholy Moley! 26th / 27th & 28th August all records marked with the symbols in the picture above will be discounted the amounts shown. Crabs 10% / Birds 20% & Butterflies 30%. Also all 7 inches will be 10% off. The list.. Lots of Blues & Hip Hop, Actually […]

Published on: 24 August 2015
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Record Drop 8th August 2015

Welcome to the 1st ever Plug7 record list. It’s been a huge month of building & planning.. Truthfully we didn’t get that many records out because of it. but yeh 3-400 is no slouch I suppose.. This list will take you through about a 1/4 of what did go out & there’s way more to […]

Published on: 8 August 2015
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