7” Poly Outer Sleeves

7 inch sleeves plastic made in japan
7inch plastic sleeve JAPAN2
7inch plastic sleeve JAPAN3
7 outer sleeve JAPAN

  • USD: $15.35

7” Plastic Outer Sleeves
Made in Japan

These Japanese made sleeves are super strong, non stretch and have a crystal clear glossy finish. Crafted with care they are designed to keep your 7″ collection looking sharp. Slighty larger in size and thickness than our Australian 7” Outer sleeves, you’ll have no problems fitting all 7”s in them. They will keep the dust out whilst maintaining that shine that every collector wants. They have a glasslike finish so expect to see your 7”s in full colour.

  • Polypropylene material
  • Acid free / Archival / Non Stretch
  • Thickness 0.08mm
  • 190mm x 195mm

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