Suzuki Table Cloth Mats

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D-Styles popular Table Cloth slipmats get another upgrade with the version 3 model. Once again D has teamed up with Dr. Suzuki of Japan to create the ultimate scratch slipmat that provides control of the record for the most precise cuts and scratches. Version 3 features thin three layer construction – the top layer being made of an anti-static hi-grade micro felt that is non-fraying and breathable, the middle is a special adhesive layer, and the bottom is an anti-static polyester micro-fiber that provides the perfect balance of grip and slip for advanced scratch techniques. Comes as a pair and includes 4x slipsheets and sticker sheet for cueing your records.

  • high quality slipmats suitable for scratching
  • includes 4x slipsheets
  • includes sheet of cue stickers

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