Turntable Headshell

Turntable aluminium headshell
Turntable aluminium headshell

  • USD: $30

Turntable headshell for professional turntables when full harmonics and fidelity are essential! Made from aluminium for lightness and durability, these headshells are designed for optimal sonic transfer of groove information with the use of gold connectors and plugs.

Superior quality, color coded OFC (oxygen free copper) headshell wires with gold plated clips are included. It will fit all S shape tonearms with a standard H-4 Bayonet Mount. The S shape H-4 type tonearm is the most commonly used tonearm system by turntable manufacturers like Technics, Sony, Denon, Sansui, Pioneer, SME etc., just to name a few. Check the images for visual guidance.

      • Barrel dimensions: 8 mm diameter x 12 mm length.
      • Weight: 7.26g
      • Made out of lightweight & hard-wearing aluminium.
      • Gold-plate clips and OFC (oxygen free copper) connectors.
      • Fits the Shure M-477 Cartridge we stock.
      • N.B. These headshells are NOT compatible with the Shure MCC Cartridge case.


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