• Get your hands on our very own home brew record spray cleaner, made from a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Taking care of vinyl isn’t something we take lightly, and this cleaning solution has been made as the product of years of experience. A couple of sprays of this and a gentle wipe with an anti-static cloth (included) will get rid of finger grease, grime and dust, keeping your records sounding as clean as they look. We use the same solution on our record cleaning machine & it also works a treat.

    Check out our Anti-Static Record Cleaning Mat for the best way to safely clean your vinyl.

    And once they’re clean you can’t go past our Record and Stylus Brush for keeping things in good shape.

    • 250ml bottle
    • spray nozzle with cap
    • refills available in store for $10
    • anti-static/lint free cloth included
  • The Thakker Twin Brush helps to provide optimal playback experience by preventing the buildup of dust and dirt on your records. The centre part of the Thakker Twin Brush is made of ultra-fine pole high quality velvet. This velvet is flanked on both sides by a layer of very fine carbon fibers.

    The carbon fibers remove the static charge from the record, so that the dust lays loose and can be easily picked up by the velvet in the middle of the brush even from deep inside the record grooves. The brush can be stored in its own holder after use.

    • Carbon fiber and a soft velvet cleaning pad.
    • Carbon fibers remove static from the record.
    • Prolongs the life of both disc and stylus.
    • Remove the unwanted materials leaving the groove clean.
    • We use these brushes in-store at Plug 7 and and also whilst djing. Get that dust gone!
    • Use in conjunction with the Thakker Stylus Brush


  • This anti-static workmat is made of a soft, velvety anti-static foam. It allows you to give your records the tender lovin' care they deserve – use the mat when cleaning records to prevent the underside from copping any additional dust, scuffs or scratches. Made in Japan.

    Use with our Record Spray Cleaner for you results!

  • The Thakker stylus brush provides optimal playback experience when used before every listening session, keeping your stylus tip free of debris. Can be used in wet condition in conjunction with record cleaning fluid or dry. Always brush from the back of the stylus (the end nearest the cantilever) towards the tip. Never side to side, never front to back. Use in conjunction with Thakker Twin Record Brush and our store-made Plug Seven Record Cleaning Solution for the best vinyl experience.