• Melbourne, Australia 8-piece WVR BVBY unveil a meditational jazz odyssey on their debut self-titled album. WVR BVBY is the next link in the chain to the Melbourne soulful sound that has been developing strongly over the past decade. They create cinematic sounds through roaring horns, synth arpeggiation and a rhythm section that sways from meditative grooves to dramatic, complex rhythmic interplay with tight precision. Recorded at Fitzroy’s Plug Seven  Studios, the 8 track LP was inspired by a mixture of crate digger culture and 70s production techniques, recorded in one take sessions using direct  to tape technology. The name WVR BVBY (pronounced WAR BABY) has a special connection to the leader of the 8 piece ensemble, Carl Lindeberg who plays bass. The story goes that Lindeberg’s parents first met and fell in love in the war torn Middle East during the Gulf War, and the result of that union was Lindeberg himself. The album is the sophomore release of independent label Plug Seven Records. Be prepared to be taken on a mesmerising journey. ************* “Perhaps the most beautifully deep new release I’ve heard this year” Jeremy Sole (KCRW / Worldwide FM – Los Angeles) “Very talented new Melbourne group that blew my mind when I saw them doing their thing live! Highly recommended!” Danilo Plessow (Motor City Dum Ensemble) “Good music usually makes itself feel familiar whilst still exciting, new and fresh. Melbourne’s WVR BVBY certainly prove this through these 8 sumptuous pieces of music, cementing their place firmly into the landscape of one of the worlds most innovative music cities today.” Miles Cleret (Soundway) CREDITS Released April 21, 2018 Format: LP & Digital download Carl Lindeberg – Bass Guitar, SH09 + SH101 Joseph Orton – Guitar + Pocket Piano Phoebe Elsworth – Rhodes Nelson Piccin – Drums Tommy Harrison – Drums [A2 + A3] Harry Cooper – Tenor Saxophone [A2, A3, A4, B1 + B3] + Flute [A1] Jon Dinapoil – Tenor Saxophone [B2 + B4] Stephen Brookes – Tenor Saxophone [A1] Nathaniel Sametz – Trombone Charlie Woods – Trumpet Erica Tucceri – Flute [A2, A3, A4 + B] Joel Trigg – SH101 [B1] Choir on B1; Harmony Byrne, Danika Smith, Anita Chorowicz + Shanti Lane Arranged by: WVR BVBY Written By: Carl Lindeberg [A1, A3, A4, B1, B2 + B3] Joseph Orton [B4] Phoebe Elsworth [A2] Recorded late 2016 – 2017 Collingwood Melbourne Plug Seven Studios Neve console / Agfa PEM 468 / Big 44BX in the middle. Engineers: Ari Roze & Carl Lindeberg Producer – Carl Lindeberg Mixed: Andy Stewart. Nick Herrera & Lukas Glickman Mastered & Cut: Dubplate and Mastering Pressed: Optimal Media
  • Get your hands on Plug Seven's 1st release on our newly minted label, a ltd. 150 copies 10" vinyl single from Melbourne jazz outfit WVR BVBY.  Hand numbered and only a handful left.

    Emerging from several Melbourne showcases in 2017, Including Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Strawberry Fields Festival and PBS & The Foreign Brothers’ ‘MOMENTUM’. Local Intergalactic Jazz outfit, WVR BVBY, have entered 2018 with an exclusive 10” white label record that includes 2 songs from their upcoming album due first half of the year.

    * Recorded in our own studio, one take straight to tape
    * Mixed by one of Australia’s top engineers, Andy Stewart (Gotye, Paul Kelly)
    * Mastered by Dubplate & Mastering, Berlin.
    * Pressed at Pallas, Germany.


    released January 17, 2018

    1. And Another Thing (written by Joseph Orton)

    2. What Is It Good For? (written by Carl Lindeberg)

    Format: 10: vinyl single

    Bass - Carl Lindeberg
    Guitar - Joseph Orton
    Rhodes - Phoebe Elseworth
    Drums - Nelson Piccin
    Trombone - Nathaniel Samtez
    Tenor Saxaphone - Jon Dinapoli

  • This is the Australia / New Zealand only LP pressing with special Obi strip. The release is a collaboration between Plug Seven Records & Wondercore Island presenting 'Pareidolia' — the debut album from self-taught, multi-instrumentalist producer and Hiatus Kaiyote drummer, Clever Austin (aka Perrin Moss). Born near the Blue Mountains in Australia and originally a hip-hop producer, Moss counts some of the world’s most acclaimed drummers and producers as his fans (Questlove, Pharrell Williams, Erykah Badu, Chris Daddy Dave, Flying Lotus). Much like his Grammy-nominated work for HK, Pareidolia is a genre-bending sonic and emotive pilgrimage with virtuosic, percussive groove at its core. Conceived via countless nights in his home studio, it dreamily roams across 16 tracks which slowly unravel with the cinematic feel of a movie; all mixed and self-produced over a period of two years. Guest appearances are spontaneous, late night drop-ins, cross town musical crossovers and moments of respect paid to established and emerging innovators. Touching Bass are proud to be the first UK label to introduce the mesmeric talents of Texas native, Jon Bap on first single “Blue Tongue”. Elsewhere, fresh from her well-received 2018 release on Brainfeeder, Georgia Anne Muldrow blesses “You Are All You Need” with her mercurial voice. Closer to home, Cazeusx O.S.L.O’s baritone spoken word grounds “Mothership Strip” and Brisbane-born multidisciplinary artist, Laneous (aka Lachlan Mitchell) croons on “Catapult”.
  • Label: AFA - N.E.C. 20777 Artist: George Arvanitas Trio Album: Porgy and Bess Grade: VG+ / Sleeve also VG+. Super clean copy throughout. Incredible LP filled with classic Jazz & Funk drum breaks. French release from the early 70s, check the version of Summertime. Sublime.
  • Label: Amin – Amin 002

    Artist: Tilahun Gessesse

    A/B Side: Tewat Mata Tekazie / Besak Befegegeta

    Grade: EX (shop stock)

    Nice tunes with Lo-fi wah wah guitar and mandolin giving the main flavour.

    Side A: Tewat Mata Tekazie

    Side B: Besak Befegegeta
  • Label: Philips Artist: Tilahun Gessesse Side A/B: Sinibit / Bey Dehina Keremy Grade: NM condition, with original picture sleeve also in NM condition. Side A/B:
  • Hirut Bekele 7″

    • USD: $116

    Label: AMHA - AE 570

    Artist: Hirut Bekele

    Side A/B: Almokerkum Nebere / Esu Naw Meselegne

    Grade: Vg- to Vg (Green & red marbled vinyl) slight surface hiss due to coloured vinyl.

    Funking a side from one of the best female singers, from ‘the golden era’ of Ethiopian music.

    Check the mid song jam, funky highland guitar meets slamming drums.

    Side A: Almokerkum Nebere

    Side B: Esu Naw Meselegne
  • Nour El Houda 10″

    • USD: $116

    Label: Parlophone – VDL. 106

    Voix De L’Orient Series

    Artist: Nour El Houda

    Side A/B: Ala Oum El Manadilla

    Grade: Vg+ (shop stock)

    78 RPM.

    Exquisite Egyptian Shellac with the main theme running across both sides of the disc. 

    Beautiful acapella vocal meets hypnotic groove in the Egyptian orchestral style.

    Side A:  Part 1

    Side B:
  • Mike Umoh LP

    • USD: $123

    Label: Duomo – DSL 0088

    Artist: Mike Umoh 

    Album: Getting On, Getting Down

    Grade: Side 1: VG- / Side 2: VG / Sleeve: G

    Superb Afro Funk Disco..

    Get way down to Shake your Body on this Nigerian Synth Excursion.

    Check the sample for a cross section of tracks

  • Abebe Tessema 7″

    • USD: $126

    Label: Philips - PH 265

    Artist: Abebe Tessema (backed by the Rainbow Orchestra)

    Side A/B: Yimama / Yam Loga

    Grade: EX (shop stock)

    Hypnotic cultural music which was no doubt played in the Ethiopian National Theatre at some time.

    Both sides featuring a nice 3/4 feel over some deep organ & horn sounds, with backing vocal chorus.

    Side A: Yimama

    Side B: Yam Loga

  • Label: Philips - Ph 108

    Artist: Menelik Wossenatchew / Telela Kebede

    A/B Side: Aderetch Arada / Kelemewa

    Grade: EX (shop stock)

    2 sides cut by Haile Selassie's Imperial Bodyguard Band.

    Menelik Wossenatchew's operatic vocal prowess is clear on Adarech Arada. It's about a hip little area in Addis where active young ladies would gather and what they got up to when their mothers weren't watching..gulp!

    The b side is a great theatrical piece with backing chorus.

    A Side: Aderetch Arada

    B Side: Kelemewa
  • Label: Philips - PH 237

    Artist: Getatchew Kassa (with The Walias Band)

    Side A/B: Yene Alem / Wededkuh Maletish Layker

    Grade: Vg to Vg+ (some clicks on a side otherwise clean sound)

    Beautiful sounding record, featuring the Walias Band in their prime.

    Getatchew is in great voice, pleading out to the ladies ‘Yene Alem!’ ‘My World!’

    Side A: Yene Alem

    Side B: Wededkuh Maletish Layker

  • BLO LP

    • USD: $170
    Label: Afrodisia - DWAPS 56 Artist: Blo Album: Step Three Grade: Strong VG / Sleeve VG Very nice copy of a Nigerian Funk Rock classic. One of the best out there with all the heavy drums & hendrix inspired riffery, instant classic. Check the sample for a cross section of tracks
  • Seifu Yohannes 7″

    • USD: $170

    Label: AMHA - AE 270

    Artist: Seifu Yohannes

    A/B Side: Mela Mela / Tezeta

    Grade: Vg- to Vg

    Killer 6/8 banger on the A side

    B side Tezeta (a nostalgic memory) is purest Ethiopian, nowhere else on the continent can pull this kind of sound!

    Check the Mahmoud Ahmed version of ‘Mela Mela’, also listed. 

    A Side: Mela Mela

    B Side: Tezeta
  • Label: Philips - Ph 214

    Artist:Belaynesh Wubante & Assegedetch Kassa (with Mulatu Astatke)

    Side A/B: Alemiye / Gubiliye

    Grade: G+ to Vg

    Track titles: Alemiye / Gubiliye

    Deep double sider from a couple of young ladies who used to sing together in an Addis Ababa bar. Mulatu heard them and said 'why don't we try something...'

    One of 2 x 45s that they cut on consecutive Philips releases.

    Some psyche sounds in there plus extended solos in the mid section of each track. Deeep!

    Side A: Alemiye

    Side B: Gubiliye
  • Label: Kothari - K 1

    Artist: Wendyifraw Weretta

    Side A/B: Sean Aya / Fikri Hesum

    Grade: NM (shop stock)

    Wicked and deep 5/8 Eritrean double sider. Strictly for the connoisseurs.

    Killer lick back reverb on the snare and claps. Also some low-end bass to be found in the b side ‘Fikri Hesum’, if you are able to dial it up!

    Side A: Sean Aya

    Side B: Fekri Husum

  • Label: Philips - PH 101

    Artist: Tilahun Gessesse / Mulatu Astatke

    Side A/B: Tiz Alegn Yetintu / Emnete

    Grade: G+ to Vg

    Needs little intro...

    The great Tilahun Gessesse, Ethiopia’s most celebrated singer of all time, laying it down over a 6/4 groove.

    B side is Mulatu doings his thing! Emnete means ‘My thoughts.’

    Label is rough but the record better.

    A play out copy, clicks near the beginnings but still drops!

    Side A: Tiz Alegn Yetintu

    Side B: Emnete

  • Aktion LP

    • USD: $426
    Label: Clover Sound - CXL 2005 Artist: Aktion Album: Celebration Grade: Side 1: VG- / Side 2: VG / Sleeve VG and nice.. Strong playing copy of this rare Nigerian Psych Funk Fuzz Heavyweight. Every track is a dancefloor bomb, such an amazing album. Side 1 has a scratch that is more pronounced towards track 4 but plays through whole side nicely. Side 2 is very clean & a strong VG. Listen to the sound file for a sample across the majority of tracks.
  • Mahmoud Ahmed LP

    • USD: $460

    Label: Kaifa Records - LPKF 20

    Artist: Mahmoud Ahmed (with Ibex Band)

    Album: Ere Mela Mela

    Grade: Vg- to Vg (some clicks)

    Seldom dug up classic from much loved Ethiopian Tenor Mahmoud Ahmed.

    Hypnotic sounds all round, and featuring the track ‘Mela Mela’, which has a deeper, more subdued mood than the Amha 45 cut.

    Check the Seifu Yohannes 45 of ‘Mela Mela’, also listed.

  • William Onyeabor LP

    • USD: $682
    Label: Wilfilms - WLP 030 Artist: William Onyeabor Album: Good Name Grade: Side 1: VG- / Side 2: VG / Sleeve VG You Know this ! A great copy of a super rare Nigerian Synth Boogie Bomb. Beats the reissue to pieces... & pretty much anything else that steps in its way. Check the sample for a cross section of tracks
  • Muluken Melesse LP

    • USD: $1,023

    Label: Kaifa Records – LPKF 39

    Artist: Muluken Melesse 

    Album: Muluken Sings Shewalul

    Grade: Ex (Clean/Shop stock) with scratch audible in latter part of B2, into B3.

    Blazing talent out of the Gojam region of Ethiopia backed by the amazing Equators Band.

    Muluken Melesse is one of the most revered singers of all time in Ethiopia, being so highly acclaimed for his vocal tone and original delivery.

    Wicked grooves with extended solos throughout, including some wild antics on conga & vibraphone by none other than Mulatu Astatke!