2LP Vinyl – WN12053

"The Dawn of the NZ Underground Scene," Lord Echo, Julian Dain, and other NZ artists who are currently active say so. This work, which recorded the legendary live performance at the live house <MATTERHORN> in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, was released on the domestic version in 2001. Only 4 songs are recorded, but the total number of recorded minutes is over 70 minutes! With Joe Dukie's soulful and wonderful singing voice, Dubby, and a tight, thick and soft rhythm, you can hear Fat Freddy's Drop sound. In addition to the freaky performance, the thoroughly minimal and cool sound has a sufficient impact even now, and it is a wonderful content that you can enjoy the vivid sound that is a bit different from the studio recording board! They later gained a high reputation as a live band, but this work "Live At Matterhorn" contains the sound like that rough stone. Completely limited press!