61 pages of interviews, Q&A’s, visual art, record collections, lyric breakdowns & more from local Melbourne creatives!

Made of 100% recycled materials.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to The Period Project (National Homeless Collective).

Cover art: Chloe Tabone

Featuring: ASHWARYA, Bigots, Cable Ties, Candela Ibanez Sanchez, Carys Matthews, Chloe Tabone, Chloe Wyers, CLAMM, Dolly Quartermaine, Elizabeth, Elsie Lange, Finn Quaid, Gutter Girls, Jade Imagine, Jamie Wdziekonski, Jiordy, Lily Baxter, Louise Gaul, Madi Leeds, Marthouse Records, Nathan Wong, Nick Tam, NoLess, Paula Maggs, Quiet Blue, Spaces, The Vovos, Treefrogs, USER, yergurl.