Jico J44A-7 DJ replacement stylus w/ stylus guard (White Tip) – SINGLE

The new Jico J44A 7 Stylus range is designed to faithfully reproduce the powerful bass frequencies and smooth output of the original Shure M44-7 cartridge and N447 stylus, but with an enhanced and longer lasting full diamond stylus tip (instead of bonded).

Original Shure 4447 Cartridges and Stylus are also fully interchangeable with the current Jico range.

Nude Vs. Bonded Tip Info:

In a bonded stylus, a diamond tip is glued onto a shank of a different material (usually steel) that is itself glued onto the cantilever. While a bonded stylus saves a lot of diamond material and thus is less expensive to manufacture, this construction has a higher combined mass that can negatively affect the transient response. Nude styli, shaped entirely from diamond material, are more costly than bonded styli but their lower mass allows them to track more accurately. Generally, bonded styli are only applied in cost-effective styluses and cartridges and Nude is pretty much the standard for high-quality styluses.

How long does a stylus last?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. Nagaoka quote 150-200 hours before damage to the grooves sets in for their elliptical styluses. Ortofon states that their affordable DJ-style “bonded” type diamonds reach about  600-1000 hours of stylus life while HiFi cartridges with Nude diamonds are expected to far exceed 2,000 hours with proper care and maintenance. Meanwhile, some of the very exotic brands quote even higher numbers.



Cartridge – J44A-7 // (SHURE M44-7)
Replacement Needles –  DJ IMP NUDE – JICO //  (SHURE N44-7)
Frequency Range – 20Hz~20kHZ
Output Voltage – 5.0mV~8mV
Recommended Load – 47 KΩ
Direct Current Resistance – 800Ω
Stereo Channel Balance – 1.5 or below
Channel Separation (at 1kHz) – 20db
Tone Arm Mount – 1/2" Standard
Cartridge Type – MM
Cantilever – Type S – Aluminium tubular
Tip – Nude Conical
Tip Size – 0.7mm
Tracking Force Range – 3.5~4.5g