1LP Vinyl – WN12050

Commemorative edition of the 50th vinyl release title!
Thanks to you, we are celebrating the release of the 50th work, and this work, which was released only on <CD> in 2009, is the first vinyl! It's an artist album that I've dealt with since I started to establish a label, and it's a work that I'm very fond of, and it's still played by MOODYMANN, DJ Kon (Kon & Amir), etc. Especially, MOODYMANN mentioned above was last year. Eight years after its release, he is still the world's top producer / DJ, such as hooking up the song <Stained Glass Fresh Frozen> from this album to the official mix <DJ KIcks series (K7!)>, Which is his first career. Fascinate us. It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the best masterpieces among the many albums released in the last 10 years.