From the creators of the Soundwagon™, Stokyo brings you the new range of Record Runner™, a new & updated model of the smallest record player in the world. Japanese made and Volkswagen authorised, this is a neat little bit of equipment that can be enjoyed by music lovers and record collectors alike. It can be carried in the palm of your hand for instant vinyl enjoyment wherever you go. Perfect for checking & listening to vinyl on the go. Check the video to see how this baby works!

It's a self-propelled record player that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 111 grams. It features volume and playback-speed control to fine-tune your experience with automatic stop function when you reach the end of your record.

Please note: RECORD RUNNER® should not be used on your most rarest & most valuable records.

  • New metallic range available in chrome and pink gold
  • Classic gift for Vinyl Junkies