LP Poly Outer Sleeves (Made in Japan)

LP Poly Outer Sleeves (Made in Japan)


  • USD: $13.58 - $23.77

LP Plastic Outer Sleeve
Made in Japan

Made of strong, highly transparent polypropylene, these quality Japanese sleeves are the perfect way to protect your LP jackets. Slightly larger in size than the Australian sleeves we carry these will easily fit double gatefolds and larger jackets in general.  The sleeves have a glossy glasslike finish, keeping your collection looking 100{39583c08818f36a621dbb952b46c8183622a079f8a62a3132192cdba31736def}.

  • Polypropylene material
  • Acid free / Non Stretch / Archival
  • 90 micron / µm thickness
  • 325mm x 330mm

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