Shure N44-7 Replacement Stylus For Shure M44 & M44-7 Cartridges.

A Pluggy favourite in-store and on the decks, the turntablists choice. Shure M447’s are used ubiquitously around the globe including the DMC championships for their high output and unreal non-skipping abilities.

  • Used in-store at Plug 7 and by Plug 7 staff for djing. In-store fave!
  • With a 9.5 mV output, the M44-7 produces powerful, resonant sound.
  • Tracking Force Range: 1.5 to 3 grams
  • Skip Resistance: Ultra high
  • Output: Ultra high
  • Record Wear: Ultra low
  • Sound Emphasis: Big bass
  • Replacement needle for Shure M44 & M44-7 Cartridge.