Vinyl LP – STRUT220LP

PizzazzPoshStraight From The Heart and Now, recorded from 1978-1984, featured authentic bops good for commercial radio and R&B but made more interesting due to their non-formulaic construction. Rushen, a young African-American woman who wrote, performed, scored, produced, played and ran her own outfit, made her own hack to the bank in the pop-music realm while retaining authenticity with her breakthrough album “Straight From The Heart.”

“Haven’t You Heard,” the uniquely animated 1979 disco hit from Pizzazz incorporated heightened Earth Wind & Fire type horn and string charts, a trademark of her arranging prowess during this time, pushed up to full Stravinsky “get in a hurry” intensity. It set up the next album project Posh as a period of transition in Patrice’s career when her studio reputation as a go-to pianist and arranger among other artists and musicians had become well established.