1LP Vinyl – ESP disk -1003

If we can learn to love, think and serve, the mind will become so powerful and co-ordinate that it will unerringly direct all other of our activities. Our calm enthusiasm will inevitably give us that slow, deep and powerful breathing which will finally become automatic with us. Let something else tell you what to do when you want something by some greater forces, by the senses of transcendental knowledge. Why worry over what's already created? Think about the beautiful of tomorrow. Think about what can better that which has already been created on this planet giving good example for others, for you are the key to the world and the world will learn from you. For those who do not know Him by his name there is no mystery. For those who sincerely need Him deep down in their souls and believe and believe and believe, this will serve as much to me inso much as to this planet. Thank you Creator of All.

The Beautiful of Tomorrow by Pharaoh Sanders