2LP – DWR 004 (Edition of 200)

" In incredible cross section of jazz, electronic, eastern, meditative & beyond on this 2LP from local adventurer Stroud "

Underpinning Apparitions is a process guided by an appreciation for the incidental in music. Many of the ideas heard on these recordings began as spontaneous moments of improvisation that were then expanded into detailed arrangements, produced and mixed by Phil — who cites the approaches of Teo Macero, Miles Davis and John Hassel as inspiration for the production techniques on the record. Phil tells us:

‘I wanted the experience of working on this music to be a constant revelation; to explore different approaches without expectations, so I developed a process that would lead me on a journey and facilitate the freedom of creating outside my own imagination’.

Collaboration has played a significant part in the creation of this music. With many of the musicians involved credited in multiple roles, the ideas are given form by a myriad of instruments, recording techniques and production methods. Composed and assembled using recorded material collected between 2018-2022, Apparitions is a work of perseverance and adaptation that is firmly grounded in a sincere love of collaboration in music.