Cleaning Solution

Cleaning Solution


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Get your hands on our very own home brew record spray cleaner, made from a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Taking care of vinyl isn’t something we take lightly, and this cleaning solution has been made as the product of years of experience. A couple of sprays of this and a gentle wipe with an anti-static cloth (included) will get rid of finger grease, grime and dust, keeping your records sounding as clean as they look. We use the same solution on our record cleaning machine & it also works a treat.

Check out our Anti-Static Record Cleaning Mat for the best way to safely clean your vinyl.

And once they’re clean you can’t go past our Record and Stylus Brush for keeping things in good shape.

  • 250ml bottle
  • spray nozzle with cap
  • refills available in store for $10
  • anti-static/lint free cloth included

In stock


Plug Seven Record Spray Cleaner

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