1LP Vinyl – 700163 (180 gram)

Reissue of the most iconic LP from super soul brother, funk chief, and vibraphone master Roy Ayers. He's Coming is a deeply felt exploration of Ayers' spiritual and social beliefs, a celebration of life and re-birth, and a wake-up call for slumbering revolutionaries.

The album contains many highlights, such as the opener "He's a Superstar" (sampled by Ghostface Killah with Busta Rhymes and by DJ Shadow, among others), the atmospheric masterpiece "We Live in Brooklyn, Baby" (sampled by Kendrick Lamar and Mos Def, it's a haunting hybrid of jazz, funk and soul that exemplifies the Ayers aesthetic at its most far-reaching and inventive), and "Ain't Got Time" (a track masterfully sampled by J Dilla for the production of Black Star's "Little Brother").

DELUXE 180-GRAM REISSUE including original artwork & credits