7" Vinyl – DAP-1019

We believe that our country has been hijacked by oil moguls, war profiteers, over fed corporations, and other assorted a-moral billionaires. We refuse to believe the stories that they feed us through corporate owned and run media sources in their efforts to keep us in a state of fear and hate. We will resist the endemic apathy that allows them to use our hard earned tax dollars to fund illegal wars with dubious intent while here at home our education system is going bankrupt and our healthcare and social services are virtually non-existent. We oppose the recruitment of our brothers and sisters from the poorest neighborhoods in the country to fight a badly planned and managed war that will only benefit the extremely wealthy. Though we are proud to be citizens of this country, we consider ourselves first and foremost to be citizens of the world. We believe that this land is our land, and that this land is your land.