1LP Vinyl – IMP023

Pianist from Hiatus Kaiyote releases his first solo piano release.

It documents seven individual moments in time, spanning roughly over a five year period. In between contributing his talents primarily as a member of Hiatus Kaiyote, The Sweet Enoughs and The Putbacks, Simon sat down at the piano or a keyboard and recorded whatever came to mind, usually settling on the first take. The nature of the piano as a dynamic instrument means that nothing can ever be played exactly the same way twice.

Some Days it’s about the space between the notes, the rhythmic pulse within the tides. Some Days, it’s a lonely night in a Los Angeles hotel room, capturing a golden melody that helps put a friend at ease during a long tour when the road is only singing the blues. Some Days, it’s a phrase captured perfectly imperfect on an iphone, never to be replicated, never to be replaced, somehow reminiscent of David Lynch. Some Days, it’s a demo that just feels right as is. Playing with an ostinato pattern in 7/4 with some spring reverb, everything in support of the melody, to make it sing. One finger louder than the rest. Some Days, it’s an improvised piece, played on a keyboard plug-in that just didn’t sound as good on an actual piano. Some Days write themselves after getting lost in a sound and utilizing the soft pedal. Some Days are for getting rid of the expectations. Not even listening. Just to sit, breathe, relax, leave the ego at the door, and maintain a state of neutral creation. Some Days can wash it all away.