Next-Gen Moving Magnet Phono Pickup

Rainier introduces our latest range of Oysters, which raise the bar for what can be expected from reasonably-priced MM cartridges. Our resonance-optimized housing channels extraneous resonance away from the generator, ascertaining a well-represented soundstage with fantastic clarity and a natural hint of warmth. Impressively quiet while delivering impact, Rainier skillfully places instruments & vocals right where they belong. You can expect a broader, rounder soundstage than you previously thought attainable at this price.

Hand-Crafted in Japan

From Oyster to Reference, each Sumiko phono cartridge is crafted by hand in Yokohama, Japan — near the waters where our namesake Oysters dwell. We’ve selected by ear the finest materials that combine to deliver performance that has enlightened generations of listeners. Each design is thoroughly auditioned until perfected. Production is then executed by world-class cartridge makers with a collective eye for precision & quality. The result is a full horizon of cartridges eager to introduce themselves to your analog system — we firmly believe there’s a perfect cartridge for you here.

  • Mass & Dimension – 6.5g, 17.2 x 18.8 x 29mm (WxHxD)
  • Stylus – 0.3 x 0.7mil Elliptical
  • Cantilever – Aluminium Pipe
  • Coils – High-Purity Copper
  • Internal Impedance – 1,130Ω
  • Load Impedance – 47kΩ
  • Frequency Response – 15Hz – 25kHz
  • Output – 5.0mV
  • Channel Separation – 25dB @ 1kHz
  • Channel Balance – 1.5dB @ 1kHz
  • Compliance – 10×10-6cm/dyn @ 100Hz
  • Capacitance – 100pF – 200pF
  • Vertical Tracking Angle – 25°
  • Tracking Force Range – 1.8g – 2.2g
  • Recommended Tracking Force – 2.0g
  • Replacement Stylus Unit – RS Rainier, RS Olympia or RS Moonstone (Interchangeable)