Vinyl LP – ATA033

I Too Am A Stranger was recorded at ATA Studios by the core Sorcerers trio, featuring the compositional vision and timeless lines of bassist Neil Innes, truly rare grooves from drummer JoostHendrickx (Gott Street Park, Eddie Chacon)and a little cosmos of tones and melodies from reed/flute/vibes/keyboard player Richard Ormrod. Up-and-coming Leeds trumpeter Olivia Cuthill was chosen to augment the brass sections, and regular collaborator Danny Templeman fills out the percussion palette.

As ever, the Ethiopique sound is front and centre, as evidenced in flute features Bebaynetu and Kid Mahout, and the final track, alto sax feature She Who Perceives The Sounds Of The World. Beyond the Addis influences, I Too Am A Stranger references other unique and striking sounds that have always enthralled members of the ATA family: the declamatory baritone sax-heavy chanbara soundtracks of Fumio Hayasaka [Yasuke In Roppongi, Oromo Moon], the fuzzed-out vibes sound of Vibrafinger-era The Stark Reality [side openers The Warrior Code and He Who Kills With One Leap], and Moondog’s popping woodblocks [Moth, The Road Forward].

I Too Am A Stranger is a resolutely maximal endeavour, reflecting the cosmopolitan and cross-cultural networks that comprise our world; wherever we’ve come from, wherever we are and wherever we’re going, we are all new to the future.