For vinyl lovers, the benefits of using a cork slip mat are not just aesthetic. Unlike felt mats, cork mats help to prevent static and minimise dust transfer from the mat to the record. Cork also has excellent damping qualities, helping to soak up unwanted motor vibrations which can affect playback. Whilst the cork generally is a strong damping material, dotted mats help to strengthen the isolation between the record and the turntable platter even more, helping to avoid unwanted sounds that the needle picks up, such as the hum of your turntable motor.

  • Two styles of cork: standard cork & marbled corkstone.
  • Two types of mat: Flat & Dotted
  • Made from high quality all natural cork material.
  • The mats are designed to fit all record sizes, 7”, 10” and 12”.
  • Cork does not conduct electricity so will not create static.
  • Cork is a natural dampener & will help eliminate sounds/vibrations your needle may pick up,
  • It will also encourage better playback in bass & treble frequencies.
  • Each cork mat has it’s own individual style, whilst the dimensions are consistent, the style of the cork will differ slightly between mats. Check the pictures for visual guidance!