The first release on Plug Seven’s label was fully recorded in our Studio just down the road from the shop.

Melbourne, Australia 8-piece WVR BVBY unveil a meditational jazz odyssey on their debut self-titled album. WVR BVBY are the next link in the chain to the Melbourne soulful sound that has been developing strongly over the past decade. They create cinematic sounds through roaring horns, synth arpeggiation and a rhythm section that sways from meditative grooves to dramatic, complex rhythmic interplay with tight precision. Recorded at Fitzroy’s Plug Seven Studios, The 8 track LP was inspired by mixture of crate digger culture and 70s production techniques, recorded in one-take sessions using direct to tape technology.

The name WVR BVBY has a special connection to the leader of the 8 piece ensemble, Carl Lindeberg who plays bass. The story goes that Lindeberg’s parents first met and fell in love in the war torn Middle East during the Gulf War, and the result of that union was Lindeberg himself.

Prepare to be taken on a mesmerising journey.

WVR BVBY_Sleeve Vinyl

Album available 21.4.2018 /500 copies 

If your in Europe check out Kudos Distribution
Also Bandcamp  and our own shop for copies.