1LP Vinyl – HIQLP 029

“This is the root, you got the root!” exclaims Darondo as he pads around the white carpet of his upstairs living room, arms raised in celebration of the fact that the 42 year-old tracks that we are listening to, long thought lost, have miraculously survived – and that they sound just as good as he remembered. The Music City tapes are a major find in the annals of 70s funk, shedding further, inestimable light on an artist whose reputation had previously rested upon just a handful of tunes. This is Darondo in his prime, full of street swagger, but with just as much of the touching, heartbreaking soul on display as that which imbues his best-known number, ‘Didn’t I’. While others invariably focus on the more sensational aspects of this fascinating and gregarious man’s life, for once, on “Listen To My Song: The Music City Sessions”, the music says it all.