1LP – HMJY-144

Japanese RSD 2021 Exclusive 

Jiro Inagaki ran through his time as a standard-bearer of jazz-rock.

He leads the soul media and leaves many works, but the one that gains cult popularity as a unique work is this work “Dosojin” recorded in 1972. The folk songs reconstructed with bold and detailed arrangements are lustrous and fantastic. The exuding nostalgia and psychedelic sound invites the listener to a different world. Jazz, rock, and folk songs were fused at a high level to create unparalleled “Japanese music”. Yasushi Sawada, who is known for “The city is the port of the wind”, is appointed as the vocalist in the whole story.

Arranged by Toshiyuki Miyama and Yasuhiro Koyama, who worked on the new hardware “Sound of the Earth”.