Cassette & Zine – RFP-004


“If you’re anything like us, you’re probably very excited for the newest mixtape & zine project from long-time friends & collaborators Morgan Moman Nixon & Travis Weller. For Racing For Pink Slips v. 27: Clear Water, Moman’s musical focus turns to surf rarities & Travis’ art turns towards the ocean (though one could say, isn’t it always?)

Included in this release is a high-quality 28-page art zine featuring Weller’s original paper collages. Weller is currently exhibiting a larger body of works on paper at Legion SF in San Francisco, CA. The zine is accompanied by a 50-minute mixtape of rare Surf Rock 45s from 1963 to 1972. The DJ session was recorded to a high-end Tanberg cassette deck at our friend’s warehouse in East Oakland and engineered by Kit Center. All tapes have been dubbed to the highest quality Chrome Type 2 high bias cassettes available. ”