57 pages of interviews, Q&A’s, visual art, inspirations, milestones & more from local Melbourne creatives!

Made of 100% recycled materials.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA).

Cover art: Vootsak

Featuring: Ali Barter, Carys Matthews, CB Radio, Chloe Wyers, Close Counters, Emin Clemans-Dal, Grace Culley, Hearts and Rockets, Holly Hebe, Juliette Noonan, June Jones, Kill Bell, Love Shack Studios, NIKINA, Perto, Private Mountain, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Secret Valley, Smarts, Sophiya, Sounds On The Couch, Sunfruits, The Indigos, The Nova Fiends, Thibault, Trace Decay, Vootsak, Willowbank Grove, X Amount Records